Pattison Real Estate Services, LLC.
We know there are alot of options out there when it comes to selecting someone to work on your home, and we are thrilled that you took the time to look at us.  Here are just a few of our features:

Service Highlights:
  • Satisfaction Guarantee - If you aren't satsified, we'll work with you untill you are.
  • Great Prices - Most of the time our prices come in lower than the competition's.
  • Friendly Service - Our staff are hard-working but approachable.
  • Straight Forward - We try make sure our quotes are clear, and easy to understand.

Business Highlights:

  • Licensed Home Improvement Contractor - PA128653
  • Fully Insured
  • Certified In Home Inspections*
  • Certified In Mold Inspections*
  • Certified In Energy Inspections*

*Please note, due to ethical reasons we do not perform inspections on the homes we work on.

A Bit About Us:
     We got our start about 20 years ago, repairing and maintaining properties.  What set us apart was our ability and willingness to cover most of our customers' property maintenance needs, both inside and outside the home. 

     Before long, we got involved in preserving historic properties.  We discovered a deep respect for these homes, and have dedicated much of our time to studying the best preservation techniques as well as the homes themselves.

     Fast-forward a few years; we started getting requests from commercial clients to maintain their properties.  Not long after, Pattison Real Estate Services, LLC was born as a full-service property maintenance company.

Don't worry though, dispite our growth we still haven't forgotten our committment to our smaller customers!
Customer Reviews
    We had a storm blow down a tree that hit another tree that, in turn, hit our chimney, which then fell through the roof (talk about bad luck). It was great to have one company handle everything from removing the trees, to repairing the roof, to rebuilding the chimney. And they gave us a great price!
    Pattison Real Estate Services installed a new oak railing for us; which turned out great. When the stain we had picked out was not as dark as we wanted, they came back with their own stain and darkened it for us, free of charge!
    Pattison Real Estate Services did a great job repairing our deck. They even helped us out when the composite decking manufacturer wouldn't honor their warranty.
    I had tried two different landscapers prior to calling Pattison Real Estate Services, and was quite disappointed with the results. P.R.E.S. came out when they said they would and did a great job, at almost HALF the price of the other guys. I'll definitely be calling them again next season.

-Actual comments from customers. Names have been changed to protect their privacy.