Pattison Real Estate Services, LLC.
Who We Are
Pattison Real Estate Services, LLC focuses on providing the you, the home-owner, with a one-stop-shop for all your property's needs.  We realize how taxing it can be to find a different service professional for all the maintenance your home requires.    That's why we have built our company around providing a full line of services for the homeowner.  Whether you're an institution with a portfolio of homes to maintian, a realtor trying to get a property in market-ready condition, or an average home owner that just needs some repairs done around the house; we have you covered.  On top of that, we are a top historical preservation company in the area. 
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Service Lines
  1. Residential
    We provide homeowners with both one-time renovations, and recurring repair services. Imagine not having to search for a new service professional everytime you need work done.
  2. Commercial/Multi-Unit
    Financial institutions and realtors alike count on us to make sure their properties are not only brought to market-ready condition, but stay that way until they are sold.
  3. Historical Preservation
    Historical preservation is our passion. We have years of experience and a thorough education on historical building techniques and materials.